„the thought of not risking anything, is terrifying to me„

Energy refill time

poly extreme sport athlete loving to

ski, kitesurf, paraglide, bike, wakeboard,…

the fight of the playgrounds
mountains vs. ocean







Live in TV

When Tobi Deckert was invited to Michael Sporer hosting the TV-Show “Wir in Bayern”, quite some funny things happened. What nobody knew at that time: both of them had to check mark a secret list of tasks they needed to speak about or do in front of the live camera. If you are wondering why Tobi is having that hair cut and moustache or why the extendable fork plays an important role at the end. This is the reason.


Four guys, one mission. Exploring Norway by Kite and glider. When Philip Kuchlmeister, Sebastian Bubmann, Maxi Kühnhauser and Tobi Deckert left the airport at Tromso, they had one goal: Kiting up several mountains with their snowkites and flying down with their speedriding wings. If there was now wind they had to make themselves comfortable at some DIY-Iglu-Livingrooms. Watch the full movie which was also presented at Tegernsee International Mountain Film festival.

Sportiest year in your life

When Kati Piironen and Tobi Deckert won Chiemsee’s sportiest year in your life contest, a dream came true in their lives. A trip around the world to 5 different destinations, performing different sports in summer and winter worth 70.000€. 

1st Trip Greece – Naxos for windsurfing (and diving, kitesurfing, sailing). While living at a nice sun&fun resort, a little 4×4 quad was packed with all the gear to reach the most exciting beaches of the island with epic sessions every day!


2nd Trip Australia for Surfing, Backpacking, Sandboarding and many more Adventures that came across. Most of the time they travelled with cool people in an old school bus in order to reach the most exciting places in South Australia. Definite recommendation to nullabor travellers.

3rd Trip Trinidad & Tobago for Kitesurfing, SUP, Kayaking and may more crystal clear starlight adventures. Not to forget long ziplines through tropical rain forests.

4th Trip Zürs (Arlberg) Austria for some snowboarding and paragliding. Well both of them had to learn snowboarding first but due to massive snow falls and powder almost every day the falling was soft.

5th trip went to Ischgl in Austria where it all began. Park skiing, Freeriding, Speedriding was on the menue and due to the extensive shredding session there was almost no time to party during the nights…

Snowkiting & Kitesurfing

Combining two of his passions “skiing” and “kitesurfing”, a lot of snowkite trips with his friends became part of his life. Especially trips to Norway, Italy, France and Switzerland to compete at Events like RedBull Ragnarok, International Snowkite open, Snowkitemasters made him top 10 positions or even winning those competitions.


With an age of 3, Tobi Deckert started skiing and couldn’t think of anything else then Mountains in during the wintertime. Besides some movie projects filming freeriding and slopestyle with his friends and crew “Ä-team” and “Bunterhund”, he started competing and also winning at the first freeski events at that time – such as “Austrian open”, “Spring in the park”, “Chill and Grill Tour”, “nature ride”, “nebelhorn classics”, “Snow fever Big Mountain”, “Unichamp”

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