„the thought of not risking anything, is terrifying to me„

Different needs and problems require versatile solutions. These journeys of different projects, brands and companies combining people, knowledge and hardware products empower Tobi Deckert's motivation of moving things forward. A versatile skillset is one of the key success factors for bringing those synergies to life & action.


CEO & Co-Founder

an inflatable work out pillow with patented pumping mechanism for training, stretching and meditation. Increase health and wellbing everywhere at any time.


CTO & Co-Founder

a unique and funny gadget to drink hard liquor with your friends especially on skiing parties or weddings. German engineering at it's finest.


Brand of ShredRack

a platform for adventure seeking backpackers and digital nomads who love to travel around the world. Hacks and ideas for new routes, exciting products and a unique adventure can be found on this life style blog.

„living with passion and focus for joy and efficiency„